Te Awa is part of the history and heritage of Cambridge.

Situated beside the Waikato River, with expansive open spaces, this is an ideal location to experience the lifestyle within the Te Awa Lifecare Village.

This land is steeped in history and heritage. For many generations and up until 1863 it was used by local tribes; Ngati Haua & Ngati Koroki Kahukura. The Pa site that exists on the property will be fully respected and protected in its current archaeological form.

In 1865 the first European settlers (the Arnolds) occupied the land and farmed it for many generations. Parts of it were also used as Cambridge’s first golf links from 1901-1925. The Arnolds original homestead remains on the property. This has now been restored to its former glory and will be protected as part of local history.

The history of this property will continue to be respected within the Village from the communal buildings having a barn character to them, the presence of wetlands and mature exotic trees throughout the site and a home paddock of animals for all to enjoy.

All buildings will be purpose built and are designed from our experience within the industry. They will provide living that is comfortable and of the highest quality standard within a village that provides services and activities to meet all needs.

Set amongst a spacious rural setting, Te Awa Lifecare provides a community within a community – offering companionship, security and new experiences.