Welcome to Te Awa Lifecare Care Suites

Our Care Suite is like an apartment with full resthome care provided. Care Suites are for people who are 70 years and older.  You purchase your Care Suite so that it is your home.  This means that there is no need to move if your needs change.  You can remain in your Care Suite adding more support at any time including hospital level care.  


Our Care Suites will have:

  • Spacious ensuite
  • Kitchenette
  • TV including complimentary Sky and WiFi
  • Phone
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Breakfast prepared in your room each morning
  • Tasteful, modern décor
  • Pleasant garden and rural views

What will it cost?

There are 4 cost elements when living in a Care Suite.
1. The Occupation Licence Payment
This is the amount you pay upfront as a capital sum.
2. Capital Deduction
The Capital Deduction details are set out in the Occupation Right Agreement. Your solicitor will explain these details to you before you sign an Agreement to occupy a Care Suite.  

3. The Daily Care Fee for Contracted Care Services
This daily fee covers the residential care services we are contracted to provide to you.

4. Extra provisions that you will need to pay for:
Clothing, toiletries and hairdressing
Hearing and dental health treatments
Entertainment activities outside the standard activities programme

How much is refunded after a person vacates the Care Suite?

Once you vacate your Care Suite, you or your estate will receive your agreed refund, see below example.
Here’s an example to demonstrate how the Net Refundable Amount would be calculated for a Care Suite ORA priced at $160,000 that was occupied for 3 years:


Occupation Licence Payment 180,000
Less Net Management Fee (maximum 24%) - 57,600
Refurbishment costs none
Administration Fee -9,000
Net Refundable Amount $113,400


Each Care Suite is individually priced so our Care Manager will be able to advise what is currently available and its price.

Process for moving to a Care Suite:

You and your family can arrange for your GP to refer you for an assessment of your care needs.  Our Care Manager will advise you on the necessary steps.  This will involve signing an Application Form and seeking legal advice.